Hello There!

My name is Lindsey, the boss lady and main photographer behind Lindsey Zern Photography! I'm a passionate artist who enjoys lying around on the couch just as much as I enjoy getting out in nature. You'll most often find me hanging out with my husband, cuddling my three cat babies, Phil, Pip, and Roma, and probably spending way more than any human should spend at coffee shops. I'm a big fan of The Office, tacos, walks in the park, and that feeling at the end of a long day when your head first hits the pillow. I primarily am in the Pittsburgh, PA area but I'm always down to travel!

I'd describe my work as authentic, fun, and passionate. My work is a nice marriage (see what I did there) of photojournalism and fine art photography, and I love getting creative. I like to be like a fly on the wall while I shoot, as I think that it allows me to capture moments and emotions that could never be fabricated. During your day there will be some moments of more guided posing, but I strive to keep the connection between the subjects in the photo as the most important element in my photographs. You won't see a whole lot of photos where couples are cheesin' right at my camera. Be prepared for lots of forehead kisses, whispering sweet nothings into your lovers ear, and getting a little goofy with your loved one during your session. I'm out to capture the cute way your fiancé's nose wrinkles up when she laughs that laugh that you've fallen in love with. The way your mom and dad hold each other close while dancing at your wedding as they remember back to their special day years go. The way your soon-to-be husband does his best to hold back tears as he sees you for the first time during your first look.

I'm out to capture it all--the beautiful, the gritty, the raw and emotional.

LZP Couples

- are fun-loving, kind, and compassionate

- trust the artistic vision of their photographer

- appreciate creativity

- value their relationship with their photographer

- know that their wedding day is about more than the wedding itself

- aren't afraid to get their clothes just a little messy for a good experience

- are willing to let their guard down to get true-to-them photographs

- put value in photography

- aren't afraid of a little sprinklin' of rain!

- aren't embarrassed to be a little silly