Savannah & Willie are two of the easiest people to photograph ever. They hopped right into their session and immediately were dancing, twirling, and just overall being crazy adorable. They also braved the cold of this day for these shots and I give them ALLLL the props for that! We started our session at one of my favorite parking garages in downtown Pittsburgh, where we had the most golden magical light and unique rust colored steel beams. Then we headed down to the main street and searched for cool urban textures and walls. 

It's always so great when a couple lets down their guard quickly and really embraces the photo taking process. I always strive to capture real, authentic moments with anyone I'm taking photos of.  Photographing couples though is my top love though because I get to capture not only them being dang cute, but also the vibe and dynamic of their relationship together. Some couples are really silly and give those big belly laughs, others are more calm and romantic, and everyone has a little bit of both in them!  It's my job to figure out how to best capture a couple's relationship, and once I can do that then we get the most amazing photos where their personalities really shine through. Getting your photograph taken can be intimidating and a little scary, but I like to keep things loose and fun by incorporating a lot of movement into my photo taking process.

We had the best time just walking around and getting to know each other during this session. I absolutely cannot wait until Savannah & Willie's wedding day next year at Shady Elms Farm (one of my favorite Pittsburgh wedding venues ever!).  With a fun engagement session like this, you know it's gonna be dang gooooooddd.