Terms + Conditions

• SCHEDULING. Please inform the homeowner of the duration of the appointment, depending on the

Terms + Conditions

• SCHEDULING. Please inform the homeowner of the duration of the appointment, depending on the size of the home. The photographer will make every effort to arrive on time, but please allow +/- 15 minutes for traffic, etc.

• HOME STAGING. The home MUST be ready to be photographed when the photographer arrives. The photographer cannot wait while items are re-arranged or stylized, this needs to be done before the shoot. Please give your client our Home Preparation PDF for our recommendations.

• ARTISTIC STYLE. On it’s own behalf, and on behalf of the subject: Client acknowledges that it is familiar with Lindsey Zern Photography’s portfolio and is requesting Services with knowledge of Lindsey Zern Photography’s style; that Lindsey Zern Photography’s work is constantly evolving; that Lindsey Zern Photography’s services are of unique and artistic nature; that the photos may be different from photographs taken by Lindsey Zern Photography in the past; and that in creating the photos, Lindsey Zern Photography shall use our artistic judgement to create images consistent with our personal vision of the subject, which vision may be different from the Client’s and/or the Subject’s vision of the subject. Accordingly, Client acknowledges that the photos shall not be subject to rejection on the basis of taste or aesthetic criteria.

• PAYMENT. Images will not be released, nor licensed for usage as outlined below, until payment in full is received. Checks payable to Lindsey Zern Photography are accepted at the time of the shoot, or bills can be paid online afterwards. Please pay promptly for quickest turnaround.

• CANCELLATION. 24 hours notice is required for cancellation or re-scheduling, which can be done right in the booking account or from your confirmation email. If a video or photo shoot appointment is canceled within 24 hours of the appointment, a 25% booking fee will be assessed and invoiced on the total booked. Bookings cancelled within 3 hours of a shoot or on location will be assessed and invoiced 60% of the total of services booked and any incurred mileage. Lindsey Zern Photography reserves the right to cancel any scheduled and confirmed shoot at any time. You will be notified immediately and the cancelled shoot will be re-scheduled.

• AREA OF SERVICE. Shoots requested outside of a 30 Mile Radius from Park may be subject to a mileage surcharge of $0.50 per round-trip mile, outside of that radius. (example: shoot is 45 miles away, which is 15 additional miles, one-way, 30 miles round-trip, which totals $15 in mileage surcharge).

• ACCESS. The homeowner or agent must be present at any occupied property. Please make the photographer aware of any special considerations or rooms that shouldn’t be photographed. Garage interiors, unfinished basements, walk-in closets, and small bathrooms and utility rooms are usually not photographed unless requested.

• PETS. We love pets but real estate photos are better without them. Please keep your pets out of the rooms being photographed.

• PHOTO DELIVERY. Images will be delivered electronically and will include MLS-sized photos and larger images suitable for a blog, website or Facebook. Full resolution downloads are available upon request. (Full resolution images should be used for printed materials, such as brochures.) It is expected that images will be reviewed by the client within 5-days of your appointment for any issues or edits. Outside of 5-days, we cannot make any guarantees for the accuracy, special requests, missing images, retouching, etc. pursuant to the “ARTISTIC STYLE” statement above.


Lindsey Zern Photography maintains the copyright for all images. Unauthorized use is prohibited by Federal Law.

Real estate media clients of Lindsey Zern Photography are permitted to use all photos produced for all marketing associated with the current sale of property in accordance to local MLS rules, unless other licensing has been outlined in writing. The terms of this license expires when the listing is sold or agreement terminated. This license is granted only to the AGENT/TEAM who has requested the photo/video shoot. THIRD PARTY USAGE AND COMMERCIAL USAGE including, but not limited to, architects, builders, stagers, designers, publications, sellers or buyers is prohibited unless approved in writing by Lindsey Zern Photography. (Note: If your listing expires, it is a copyright violation for another agent to use the photos you commissioned without the permission of Lindsey Zern Photography. In this event, please contact us AND the MLS.)

Commercial media clients….please see agreed upon copyright/licensing terms in your contract/licensing agreement.

Head office address

4101 Chandler Hollow Road, Pittsburgh

Originally the lead & sole photographer for Lindsey Zern Photography, the growth of the business has allowed his focus to shift to filmmaking and commercial photography projects with builders and designers. Additionally, he’s always on the hunt for the latest technology or service he can offer to help his Realtor clients grow their businesses.

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